Adam’s teaching, Is a combination of Art and Technical aspects. put together, to make the learning fun. We will do it on a step-by-step basis, with a lot of interesting & creative Exercises…in each & every lesson.

At the end of the course, you’ll find that you have acquired the knowledge of how to use a camera, with a clear mind, and a Creative Mindset that makes good pictures than you could ever imagine.

4 in-house lessons + 3 practical lessons


4 in-house lessons + 3 practical lessons.

Why us?   
We do not only teach you how to use a camera… will guide you in the followings:

1. The clue of making good pictures:

What are the elements that constitute a good picture? Most of the people often have no clue in this, that’s one of the reasons we don’t get good pictures. Adam will guide you about what are the elements that constitute a good picture & train you to develop awareness during the practical sessions.

2. The training of seeing eyes in a step-by-step basis.

We will train you in both aspects, the technical part & art part of photography in a step by step basis to enable you eventually develop the seeing eyes in photography as well as possess good photography technique to achieve specific shots and high-quality works.

3. The well-designed practical sessions:

Our 4 practical sessions are relevantly designed to enable students knowing the art of photography thoroughly with step by step tutorial, from the training of seeing eyes to understand how to deal with the lighting/ambient, able to make good composition in various ways, eventually knowing how to impart stories to the picture which are imaginative & creative. The practical sessions also will gradually guide you to deal with the technical aspects of camera such as how to deal with hand-shake, pictures too bright or too dark, the depth of field & shutter speed, what are the right lenses to use for the right subjects & etc.

4. The Analytic critiques on students’ works. 

To receive constructive feedback from a good teacher is essential cause he could explain to you thoroughly & rationally how good or how bad your shots are, and how to improve on them in a detailed and analytical way.

What you will learn:

1. Step by Step tutorial: Basic understanding & how to use DSLR cameras, or any camera.

2. Few powerful ways of composition.

3. How to shoot in low light.

4. How to develop & cultivate the seeing eyes.

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