Fine Art Black & White Photoshop Editing Course

  • Architecture, Landscape & Milky Way…
  • A Bonus Practical Session in Long Exposure Architecture Black & White Photography.
  • It’s magical…
  • It’s amazing, dreamy & jaw-dropping!
  • Now you could produce it all by yourself!


You will learn:

  • How to shoot & edit Black & White Architecture Photography with a magical touch.
  • How to search for the right subjects
  • Tips to get good & creative composition.
  • Step-by-step Editing tutorial with Easy Comprehend, Creative & Effective Technique.
  • Learn how to process black & white in camera RAW editing.
  • Architecture, Milkyway Post Processing Workflow.
  • Landscape, Journalism Post Processing Workflow.
  • Creating selections for masks.
  • Gear recommendation for Long Exposure.


You will get to learn what are the tools below & how to apply them:

  • Camera & settings (ISO/Aperture/Stutter Speed).
  • Neutral Density Filter.
  • Tripod & cable release.
  • The relevant apps.

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