5 Indoor Sessions + 3 Practical Sessions


This is a course that solely focus on all the necessary knowledge of commercial photography. But most of all it’s about how to instil emotion, character and aesthetic that we wish that you will acquire at the end of the day. What we will be conducting in the course is based on these 4 essential elements below:

  1. The Technical aspect - dealing with the concept, the design, the background, the ambient/light source.

  2. The Aesthetic aspect - What makes a picture aesthetically eye pleasing? What makes a picture able to tell story?

  3. The Practical sessions - Practice makes perfect. Practice with the guidance of instructors makes a great different.

  4. The PS editing sessions - Photoshop is a very powerful tool that helps to deal with what camera fails to do and serves as a very important tool to correct, to enhance, or even to manipulate the pictures for good. In this course we will focus on what is essential for commercial photography.

We also will impart some design knowledge in this course.


The portrait, the interior & building, the food & beverage:

How to make Food Photography unique? We will guide you from concept, to deco, to the use of the right lenses  & the way to  compose depending on how many items of foods to be included in the frame.

For Interior & Building and Food photography

  1. Of all the elements in a building or a room, how to detach the essential items for our chosen frame?

  2. How to choose the complementary? And make relevant composition?

  3. What is the different approach of photography for interior & building?

For Portrait:

  1. How to deal with the ambient/light source.

  2. How to interact with the models, getting to know their needs, posing them in a natural & authentic way, bringing out their character & beauty, capturing the emotion.

  3. Understand different type of light source: the natural light, environmental light, studio light & LED light.

  4. Understand how the light direction affect the emotion of subjects.


Photoshop editing is very essential in modern photography. 
We did an in-depth study through experience and develop a Powerful but simple and easy to learn technique in this course.

All the techniques in this course are the essence of our own experience in this arena. It will definitely enlighten you in acquiring the knowledge in commercial photography and we could ensure you will find the learn so full of fun.

The Syllabus:


  • The understanding of what constitutes a good picture

  • Training on the way of seeing and the narrative skill in photography.

  • In-depth Composition Technique - Seeing it through Visual Balance

  • The Visual Balance Study

  • In-depth tips on Story telling

  • Hands on/Practical sessions

  • Analytic critiques of Students’ works

  • Mastering Photoshop

Example of Before & After

FEE: RM 2800.00


Hotels, Corporate, Products & Food photography

"The art of photography goes beyond technique and equipment. It arises from the heart and it touches the feeling and emotion, it arouse senses and recognized beauty. We must come to grip that we are artists, with high passion for art, a love in creating and a zeal to elevate our artistic level with inventive ideas and vivid imagination”… said Adam, the National Geographic Photo Contest Winner, 2013. 

That’s the unique element of Adam & his team. Even when it comes to Commercial photography, one would find beauty & strong narration in the images from this passionate team.

Regarding Adam Tan:


The winner of one of the most prestigious photography awards - National Geographic Magazine, conferred First Place in "Places" category in its 2013 International Contest, almost the highest honour. So shall this be the most direct introduction to Adam Tan.

  • Adam is passionate, creative, filled with inquisitive awe and zeal for photography. A champion and lover of photography art, he possesses such vivid imagination and excellent interpretative skill and yet an earnest and devoted friend and teacher. One who believes success comes with intense longing, fervent love, teachability, perseverance and humility.

  • Adam is passionately in love with photography and had been doing this for the past 20 years. He has an ability to discern the special, the significance out of the ordinary with his unique sight and capture it through his masterful skill and narrative. However, Adam's higher purpose is to impart and transfer this passion to others. He establishes photography classes, workshop and sharing fellowship and leads travel trips and etc with the single-minded devotion to teach this art to his students. Each year, many of his students participated in contests and earned awards and mentions from all over the world.

  • He shares his philosophy openly and his techniques unreservedly. His perception and interpretation, his invention and creative skill are of the highest standard. He compressed all these into a series of courses to allow quick comprehension of theory and easy mastery of techniques.

  • “This is probably my widest dream came true”, said Adam, when he learned that his work has been selected as the winner in National Geographic Photography Contest in 2013. But now, he may be the one to lead you to the land of your dream…



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