Adam’s teaching, Is a combination of Art and Technical aspects. put together, to make the learning fun. We will do it on a step-by-step basis, with a lot of interesting & creative Exercises…in each & every lesson.

At the end of the course, you’ll find that you have acquired the knowledge of how to use a camera, with a clear mind, and a Creative Mindset that makes good pictures than you could ever imagine.

Bringing your Photography to the next Level…

To shoot Stream, Low light photography, The Light trail of Cityscapes… even the Stars: is what you will learn from this course.

You also will get to learn the most essential part of photography art : the developing of Seeing eyes by Adam, a theory that makes his teaching Unique and Effective.

Our way of Photoshop editing is our ability to guide students to understand the reason why Photoshop editing is needed. Our guidance in this area is lots of Practicals/Hands-on and Reviewing on how students get the work done.

An exclusive notebook as a complimentary gift **While Stock Lasts**

The Syllabus:

  • The understanding of what constitutes a good picture

  • Training on the way of seeing and the narrative skill in photography.

  • In-depth Composition Technique – Seeing it through Visual Balance

  • The Visual Balance Study

  • In-depth tips on Storytelling

  • Hands-on/Practical sessions

  • Analytic critiques of Students’ works

Fine Art Black & White Photoshop Editing Course

Architecture, Landscape & Milky Way…

A Bonus Practical Session in Long Exposure Architecture Black & White Photography.

It’s magical…

It’s amazing, dreamy & jaw-dropping!

Now you could produce it all by yourself!

You will get to learn:

  1. ​Knowing the aesthetic: what to edit, how to edit… The in-depth lesson on knowing the colour tone. It’s the most essential Technic we must possess in the first place.
  2. The Unique colour tone designed by Adam Tan: The few steps of very subtle change could make a great difference. Adam will guide you with the different Technics to apply to Portraits & Journalism works.
  3. Light leaks materials – A set of light leaks material containing different types of light leaks effect will be provided to participants. And imparting you with the different ways of applying them to produce different results.
  4. Texture & Blending Material – A set of both will be provided. And Adam will impart you the knowledge of how to apply these materials that could create a magical touch to the works.
  5. Retouching & enhancing pictures in a professional way. This lesson is ideal for those who are into commercial photography. Even some shots taken in dull days could turn to be spectacular after the retouching.

Exploring the beauty of lotus With Adam’s secret recipe

2 Indoor 1 Outdoor

How to shoot Lotus with an Aesthetic & Alternative Touch?

To make good lotus shoots take more than just shoot with a Telephoto Lens, or just simply by getting closer…

Even a good composition could not help to make a good lotus shot.


  1. ​Basic Photography.
  2. Basic Photoshop Editing course.
  3. Advance Photography 1 – The In-depth Landscape Photography – Long Exposure Landscape.
  4. Advance Photography 2 – The In-depth study of Composition, Aesthetic & Narration of story.
  5. Comprehension Colour Advanced Photoshop Editing course.
  6. B&W Architecture course cum Editing.
  7. B&W Photography & editing.
  8. Any specific subjects you wish to learn in Photography.
  9. Special Catering Courses for Photography & Photoshop
  10. Corporate, Institution, Personal
  11. Products, portraits, Black & White, Architecture, Landscapes, design… anything you name it…

​*Fees ranging from RM 2,500.