1. Who will be the instructor?

The instructor is Adam Tan (Profile), and Vitas Tan (Profile) is Adam Tan assistant.

2. Is the academy is like a college?

No, we are just a training place. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate under our company.


1. How to join the class?

You can register at our Google e-form:

2. Where is the class venue?

For lesson, the class are at our academy One City, Subang Jaya. For outing, usually the class are in KL & Selangor.

3. If I miss the class, can I get replacement?

If you miss 1 class, you can always come to our next intake class, and you don't have to make any payment.

4. How long is the Complete Professional Course?

Usually its take 3-8 months to complete, depend on course availability. 

5. What is the age limit to join your class?

We don't have any age limit to join our class.

6. What is the maximum people who join your class?

Maximum 10pax

7. I don't have any camera, can I join the class?

Yes of course, you can just use your handphone.

8. I want to buy a camera, but I don't know which camera should I buy. Can you recommend?

Yes, we can help you to choose which camera are compatible with you.

9. I forgot what I learn, can I come again for revision?

Yes, you can come when we have a intake for the course you take.

10. Can I join the class on the spot?

Yes sure, we accept walk in registration.


1. Can I pay installment?

Yes, you can pay installment by month but you need to settle it in 3 months.

2. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Debit/Credit Card and Online transfer

3. Can I withdraw EPF?

Based on KWSP website ( You can withdraw if it was for IPT.

4. I already pay, but I want to cancel join the class. Can I get a refund?



1. Can I pay installment?

Yes, you can pay installment by month but you need to settle it in 3 months.

2. Can I join the trip if I don't join photography class?


3. I am not Malaysian, Can I join the trip?

Yes and the fee are the same. No extra charge.

4. For international trip, is the fee are include with flight ticket?

No, you need to book your own ticket. If you want us to book, just tell us we can arrange it.

4. For country that need visa, did we need to do it by the participant or the academy?

For visa, the participant need to do it by themselves, but we can assist the participant on how to do it.


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