LOCATION: Ladakh, LehIndia

Date: 30 June 2018 - 10 July 2018

Duration: 11 Days 10 Nights

In this photography expedition, Adam will provide tutorial and guidance throughout the trip. Participant will learn the following techniques and skills on:

Journalism Photography - Meeting faces of all ages in their traditional attire, seeing them carrying their cultural routine to life, will broaden your life experience

Landscape Photography - You get the bluest shades of sky and brightest cloud in this magical
land! Capable of presenting you a very surrealistic version of the very common nature scene 
that we encounter everyday


Cultural Photography - Eastern culture at its best, you will still be able to discover 
some enriching cultural elements that even an easterner finds it unusual and amazing.


Night Photography - Feeling deep at the vastness of night sky in the Himalayas, couple
with the holy yet historic architecture, you will be mesmerize by the scene!

One and the half hours artwork sharing and review sessions with participants' work will be conduct daily during the trip to ensure student learn and understand better along the journey.

Total package price inclusive of:

- Comfortable accommodation (Twin sharing room)

- Meals

- Ground transportation in India

*Additional charges will be apply for non - sharing room request.

*For your information, a visa is NEEDED for this trip on Malaysian citizen.


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