2 In-house sessions & 2 practical sessions in 2 days frame

“Exploring the aesthetic, otherworldly & abstract world of Minimalism/Long Exposure Fine Art Photography”

What does it take to create a Good Minimalism/Long exposure photo work? In this course, Adam (& his team) will guide you the technical knowledge in photography from very basics such as the relationship of Exposure Triangle (The Aperture, the Shutter Speed & ISO), and how to put them into use when it comes to Long Exposure, with gears such as ND filters, tripod & cable released added in to create Long Exposure/Minimalism photography.



2 Days Long Exposure + Photoshop Editing Guide

Date: 08 & 09 January 2021

Step-by-Step Guiding into Fine Art Photography 

In this practical workshop Adam will give you a step-by-step complete guide in creating unique, dreamy Minimalism Long Exposure Photographical images; in both the Technical aspect and the aesthetic & storytelling part of Long Exposure photography.

​Below are the sample shots of what Long Exposure photography could do to make your shots look so awesome.

Master Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography is to create an image that shows the effect of passing time. To put it simply means to slow the shutter speed of the camera (with the use of Neutral density filters), so we could still the water & move the clouds to produce the awesome, unique, and artistic effect.

​We will be there to guide you in a step-by-step quick-comprehension manner on the technical aspect of the Camera setting & the understanding of the Exposure Triangle (ISO, Aperture &Shutter speed), and how to go about when the Neutral Density filters are attached to the lens.

​You’ll then find out that all these are not that complicated. That’s the assurance we are giving.

Thorough learning inclusive of:

  • Total guidance by Adam Tan (& his team) in all In-house guidance & Outdoor Practical sessions.
  • Imparting in-depth knowledge on the secret of obtaining great Long Exposure shots.
  • Step by step guidance, from technical knowledge to the training of one’s seeing eye & way of composition, to outdoor practical & in-house PS editing to produce the magical quality of long exposure photography.
  • Easy to comprehend but powerful Photoshop editing session.


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