LOCATION: Tanarimba, Pahang, Malaysia

Date: 06 June 2020 - 07 June 2020

Duration: 2 Days 1 Nights


A Photography Workshop in 87 Tanarimba, amidst the serene,

peaceful ambient of tropical forest with Adam Tan

What you’ll learn from here :

  • Able to see subtle beauty in our surrounding & transform them into some nice pictures.

  • Able tell story with your pictures.

  • The Clue of making good pictures.

  • The cultivation of habit in seeing.

  • Effective composition skill.

  • Able to deal with the lighting/ambient to make your pictures outstanding.

  • Elevate your Creativity & imaginative power.


What you’ll do here :

  1. Knowing both the theoretical & art aspect of photography with easy mastery techniques.

  2. 4 practical sessions… with guidance from the Master of Photography Art.

  3. The reviewing session to reinforce what you have learn.

  4. Learning in a comfortable, spacious resort amidst the serene ambient of tropical forest with fun & joy.


What so special about this event:

  1. Adam Tan’s guidance - Regarding Adam Tan :

    The winner of one of the most prestigious photography awards - National Geographic Magazine, conferred First Place in "Places" category in its 2013 International Contest, almost the highest honour. So shall this be the most direct introduction to Adam Tan.

    Adam is passionate, creative, filled with inquisitive awe and zeal for photography. A champion and lover of photography art, he possesses such vivid imagination and excellent interpretative skill and yet an earnest and devoted friend and teacher. One who believes success comes with intense longing, fervent love, teachability, perseverance and humility.

    Adam is passionately in love with photography and had been doing this for the past 20 years. He has an ability to discern the special, the significance out of the ordinary with his unique sight and capture it through his masterful skill and narrative. However, Adam's higher purpose is to impart and transfer this passion to others. He establishes photography classes, workshop and sharing fellowship and leads travel trips and etc with the single-minded devotion to teach this art to his students. Each year, many of his students participated in contests and earned awards and mentions from all over the world.

    He shares his philosophy openly and his techniques unreservedly. His perception and interpretation , his invention and creative skill are of the highest standard. He compressed all these into a series of courses to allow quick comprehension of theory and easy mastery of techniques.

    “This is probably my widest dream came true”, said Adam, when he learned that his work has been selected as the winner in National Geographic Photography Contest in 2013.

    But now, he may be the one to lead you to the land of your dream…

  2. Tanarimba 87 -

    Eighty Seven is a villa, a tranquil resort situated in between the flourishing mountains and forests located in Janda Baik, Pahang, which is just a 45 minute drive from KL.

    Eighty Seven incorporates industrial style as its main design. Its specialties range from relishing the breathtaking mountain view, the cooling atmosphere, large glass window panes, it’s a haven where you can freely indulge yourself in the arm of tropical forest.

  3. More than just Theory in teaching -

    In this event we have 4 Practical sessions that specifically cover almost everything you need to know about Photography :
    - The art of seeing session ( How to see beyond the norm with a creative eye)

    - 2 Portrait sessions ( Handling lighting/ambient, emotion & how to connect the subject into the environment)
    - A session of Landscape photography with morning ambient amidst the tropical forest.
    - The reviewing session.
    - A  Simple & Effective Editing & post processing session.
    - The comfort. 2 complete days of learning amidst the serene, peaceful ambient of tropical forests… with joy, fun & relaxation.
    - Car pool could be arranged.


​​Who can join :

  • Anyone who intends to elevate his/her creativity, imaginative power & aesthetic knowledge in Photography art.

  • Zero knowing in Photography is accepted.

  • Could do with camera or Handphone.


10.30 am -12.00 pm

At ATPA, Subang Jaya, guiding
by Adam Tan - The Clue of making good picture.

03.00 pm

Checking in to Tanarimba 87

03.30 pm - 05.00 pm

Practical session 1: The training of seeing eye

05.00 pm - 5.45 pm

Briefing & guiding in Portrait Photography & Learning to deal with light source and Handling of Low light

05.45 pm -  07.30 pm

Practical 2 - Portrait Photography (How to deal in M-mode, exposure compensation & dealing with Low light)

07.30 pm -08.30 pm


9.00pm -10.30 pm

Briefing on tomorrow morning’s Practical
& Reviewing of students’ works.

10.30 pm

Rest time


06.30 am : Practical session 3 :

Morning Landscape photography.

08.00 am :


09.00 am : 11.00 am :

Practical session 4  : Portrait session 2

11,00 am:

Prepare to leave

12.00 pm :

Checking out.


03.00 pm -04.30 pm -

Reviewing & Post editing

Photography Fee: RM 1,380 (Include Food)


  • Forth-sharing: +RM 150

  • Double Room: +RM 240

  • Single Room: +RM 400


* Carpool could be arranged

Enquiry: enquiry@adamtanphotography.com

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