2 practical sessions and an in-house session on reviewing of students’ work & editing.

Date: 08 & 09 MAY 2021

In this workshop, we will guide you on how to shoot Street Portrait and how to utilize the ambient & the environment.

Date: 01 MAY 2021

  • How to make your B&W look like B&W, feel like B&W?
  • How to deal with the most important part of B&W, the Grey area?
  • How to deal with the subject matters, ambient & light source narrative component.
  • How to train to see in B&W.

Date: 24 & 25 APR 2021

We will be conducting a workshop in Street Photography on 03 & 04 April. In this workshop, I will be sharing with you some new tips from my recent discovery. study & experiment with 2 lesser-visit sites for the practical sessions.

Date: 03 & 04 APR 2021

A Workshop by Adam Tan on The Traning & Developing of aesthetic eye

In this workshop Adam designs some Simple but Effective techniques to train the participants into Seeing, Observing, Narrative skill (Storytelling) developing of creativity & total comprehension of what lies behind a good shot.

Date: 01 NOV 2020

Time: 10am – 4pm

2 In-house sessions & 2 practical sessions in 2 days frame

Date: 08 & 09 August 2020

Exploring the aesthetic, otherworldly & abstract world of Minimalism/Long Exposure Fine Art Photography.

The Developing of Seeing Eye

Date: 22 Aug 2020 – 23 Aug 2020

A Photography Workshop in 87 Tanarimba, amidst the serene, peaceful ambient of tropical forest with Adam Tan.

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