Exploring the beauty of lotus With Adam’s secret recipe

  • 2 Indoor 1 Outdoor
  • How to shoot Lotus with an Aesthetic & Alternative Touch?
  • To make good lotus shoots take more than just shoot with a Telephoto Lens, or just simply by getting closer…
  • Even a good composition could not help to make a good lotus shot.


Shooting lotus require a Holistic Concept if we wish to acquire good lotus work. That’s what the workshop all about.

Here are what you will learn from us:

  1. Knowing which what Aesthetic means.
    Able to identify the subject to pick.
  2. Knowing how to deal with the relationship between the subject & the background.
  3. Getting the right ambient.
    In photography, light source plays an essential part. To thoroughly understand it & able to deal with it is what you will learn here.
  4. The Photoshop post processing & the concepts:
    This area is the most interesting & creative part to Adam. He will share with your various concepts of present your Lotus works through the high key, the low key approaches & the abstract & alternative way too.
  5. With regards to the Photoshop Post Processing, Adam designed som.


Simple & Effective Ways

  1. Overall editing through Raw.
  2. The partial touch up (on the subtle parts)
  3. Removing the unwanted subjects.
  4. The low key concept editing.
  5. The high key concept editing.
  6. The alternative colour tone editing.


For this course

Adam & his team will share and guide you through the entire learning journey.

* There will be a bonus practical session after the course (Date to be decided later on).


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