Bringing your Photography to the next level…

To shoot Stream, Low light photography, The Light trail of Cityscapes… even the Stars: is what you will learn from this course.

You also will get to learn the most essential part of photography art: the developing of Seeing eyes by Adam, a theory that makes his teaching Unique and Effective.


What you will learn: 

  1. Practical sessions on shooting Slow shutter speed photography such as Stream/waterfall, and the light trail. 
  1. Understanding Lenses in a much deeper perspective, A guidance on how to delve into the subtle side of lenses and apply them creatively. 
  1. In-depth study in Depth of field. 
  1. Understand what Camera sees differ from human eyes. The training of how to see like a camera, and how to deal with the defect it creates. 
  1. Understand Ambient/Lighting: The ambient is a key element that makes great photography but often being overlooked.
  • How to observe and detect it and utilize it in our photography. 

  1. In-depth M-mode & Low light Photography study (Cityscape & night photography such as milky way & star trail photography).
  • Technical aspects such as M-focusing, calculation on the time of exposure & gears required. 
  1. A Complete Theory of what constitutes a good picture:
  • How to produce eye-pleasing, creative pictures, and tell a powerful story.
  • The development & practice of Seeing-eye & creative mind.

Intermediate Photography Course – Bringing your Level to another Level

Lesson 1

  • Understand of Art of Seeing in photography.
  • How to shoot stream/Waterfall & slow shutter photography (The technical aspect & artistry aspect).
  • Composition tips on Stream & Landscape photography.
  • Understand What our eyes see & camera See are different & how to deal with it.
  • Understanding Gears & calculation of time exposure in Low light Photography.
  • Why & How on the use of filters and tripod.

Lesson 2

  • Practical session on stream photography/Waterfall.

Lesson 3

  • Reviewing of participants’ works.
  • The in-depth study on M-mode & Low light/ By handheld.
  • What subjects to look for & Composition tips on night photography.
  • In-depth on Lenses & Depth of field.
  • How to produce eye-pleasing, creative pictures, and tell a powerful story.

Lesson 4

  • Practical session on Handheld night photography.

Lesson 5

  • Reviewing of participants’ works.
  • The in-depth study on M-mode on Long Exposure photography (M-focusing, Landscape & Cityscape).
  • A brief Hands-on session on low light photography.
  • How to shoot light trail.

Lesson 6

  • Practical session on Light trail photography.

Lesson 7

  • Reviewing of participants’ works.
  • Understand The Complete Art of Seeing Theory.
  • A Complete Theory on what constitutes a good picture.


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