Our way of Photoshop editing is our ability to guide students to understand the reason why Photoshop editing is needed. Our guidance in this area is lots of Practicals/Hands-on and Reviewing on how students get the work done.

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What you'll learn:

A simplifies the complicated step-by-step guidance to enable you to edit your photographs creatively and turn them into work of Art.


Hi there, my name is Vitas Tan, and I’m Adam Tan Photography Academy instructor for Photoshop.
Regarding Photoshop… it is a very important tool to support the Photography. It could really turn your Photos into Works of Art. If you handle it well.
Photoshop Editing is a really large field, with many components & tools.
And you may have fear in you… thinking that it’ll be hard to learn, as you have Zero knowledge…
Well, Adam started with Zero knowledge in Photoshop and he’s extremely poor in Computer too.

But look at him now.
Our challenging journey in Photography in fact has made us a better teacher.
Our teaching is tailored to the needs of the students, it is unique and easy to understand.

We simplify the complicated, our teaching is Practical, and the learning process is full of fun.
And we will bring out the very Creative inner side of you, which you would probably be surprised to see that you do possess such creativity.
You will learn how to easily Enhance Images, Correct the Light & Colour…
Such as Landscape editing… to balance the Over exposure sky, and enhance the foreground colour, and detail of the subjects…
And portrait editing too, from Smoothening the face… to overall editing of the contrast & colour
Especially the Contrast (Laura/Bali), it’s something that the camera could not cope with… but if you are good with Photoshop, you will be able to deal with the Defects … & create wonder. 
Whatever type of Photo work it may be, I will guide you how to deal with them… (Journalism), to Enhance and Correct the Flaw… and make it so Easy to deal with… As I mentioned earlier… To Simplify the Complicated is what I do. 
The Distortion editing tool, just a simple dial… to turn the distortion into perfection. 
There are many more Effective tools… I really wish to share with you here.

I’ll provide an e-Tutorial after every session, you could keep it, and use for reference each & every time you need it.
Photoshop is not solely for Photographers, those who are in need of Photoshop like the designers, Web-developers, Creative Professionals, Small Entrepreneurs… nowadays.
Photoshop can be used…  besides editing photography works…it could use for the Website layouts, the Proposal, the Phonebook album, the Ad in FB and any social media… and many more.  It’s so multiple-functional…
In this challenging Era, to pick up a knowledge such as Photoshop, I would say it is a Wise choice.

Lastly, wish to share with you this:
We had students from a wide variety of background and age range between 13 – 70 years old, And many of them had achieved success in Photography.
Some have pursued careers in Digital Marketing, Some turned out to be Professional Photographers, Some achieved their Personal goals of Winning Awards in Photography. 
I hope if you were here with us… You will soon achieve what your heart desires too.

See you in class

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start using Photoshop in their career.
  • Newbie’s, amateurs, designers, web-developers, creative professional, small entrepreneurs, and any creatives who want to design their own photos and edit their own photos from scratch.


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